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When your home welcomes a new guest or family member, the decrease in personal space can make you feel quite stressed to say the least. Though the building of a quality home addition is the solution, it requires a team of contractors who will reduce your stress, not increase it. Look no further than residential remodelers at Newberry Homes Company. Call us today!

Home Additions and Home Design in Glastonbury

When your family’s size multiples, you might feel like you’ve outgrown your home. Chances are you’re right. Chances are it is too small to house your spouse, your pets, your children, and your in-laws or relatives. But does that mean it is time to leave your home? Absolutely not.

Moving is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. The first bout of stress comes with finding a buyer for your current residence. With that stress comes many expenses. After upgrading your home to boost its market value, you might find yourself having spent thousands of dollars. Rather than readying your home for sale, you could’ve spent all that time and money on adding a lovely home addition to your property.

Don’t listen to the naysayers. When your family grows, make your house grow with it! Contact Glastonbury’s best home addition contractors today. We won’t compromise the structural integrity of your home, and we’ll never go over-budget!

Budget-Friendly Home Addition Contractors

We’re the contractors who perform market-conscious builds for budget-friendly rates. When we add a guesthouse or sunroom to your residence, we’re not only giving you and your family more room to grow, we’re increasing your home’s market value! If you ever sell your home, you’ll be astonished at how great of an investment your professionally built home addition is.

And when we say ‘professionally’ built, we’re not lying. With our expertise and strong relationships with local electricians and plumbers, we’re capable of crafting you a guest room that meets the living standards of even the most high-maintenance house guest.

Eco-Friendly Guest Room Additions

At Newberry Homes Company, we are more than familiar with the many benefits of home additions. As proud builders of guestrooms and in-law suites of all varieties, we ought to be! When carried out properly, a home addition project is a great investment with low upfront costs. With proper planning, a project of this size can even be done in relatively little time and with few disruptions.

Unfortunately, not all home remodeling projects are the same. Some builders like to take an approach that is a little less than eco-friendly. They’re wasteful around the worksite, they use low-quality materials, and they rarely take the sustainable route.

When we’re contracted to design and build your home addition, however, we’re never wasteful. As natural project managers, we know exactly how much lumber and other materials are needed for your project before we pick up a single hammer. Our meticulous planning skills also ensure that we won’t waste the second-most valuable thing: Your time.

Number One Home Additions Team in Glastonbury

If you are looking to add space and value to your Glastonbury home without having to spend lots of money, then a home addition from Newberry Homes Company could be the best option for you. Unlike building a new garage that is separate from your home, a home addition from us can add real space to your home in a seamless fashion.

There are many reasons why homeowners in Glastonbury may decide that a home addition is perfect for them. Some of our residential clients choose to add space to their home because they have had more children or expanded their family, while others simply want to enhance the value of their property. Whatever reason you have for wanting to add space to your Glastonbury home, the fact of the matter is that we at Newberry Homes Company can take care of this work quickly and effectively.

So, if you want to increase your space and enhance the look and feel of your Glastonbury home without breaking the bank, then you need to call us today. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Three Reasons to Invest in a Home Addition

If you want to add space and lasting value to your Glastonbury home, then you need to look into a home addition from us today. Our skilled and dedicated construction specialists are great at what we do, and we will never settle for anything short of perfection for your Glastonbury home. Three reasons why it is important to invest in a tried and trusted home addition service from us are as follows:

  1. Avoid Family Upheaval: One of the biggest advantages that our home addition service can bring to your property is that it allows you to add space without having to move. This has many advantages because it means that you can stay in your neighborhood. By doing so, your kids can stay in the same school and your commute times can remain the same.
  2. Remove Headaches and Hassle: One of the often-overlooked hassles of moving to a new house is that you often have to change your address with your utilities and energy companies, as well as with all government departments, banks and other municipal agencies. By adding a new level or room to your home, you get the best of both worlds. You and your family can enjoy a bigger space without having to change addresses and other conveniences.
  3. Forget About Packing: There is no doubt about it, one of the most stressful parts of moving is all the packing that you need to do. From contacting the moving team to organizing the boxes, this is a real pain and something that most people simply do not want to have to do. When you enlist our services, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about finding boxes any time soon.

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