In-Law Suites in Glastonbury

Every parent wants their children to be close to their grandparents if possible. The relationship that your young child will have with their grandparent or grandparents is like no other.

It is good to be close to your own parents as you mature. Though many of us move away from home at 18 and maybe even move halfway around the world, there comes a time when we can maybe return the favor. If your parents have become less independent as they age, you might not want them to live in a seniors’ residence. Instead, they can live with you! You can welcome your parents into your home and repay them for all those years of hard work and sacrifice. You can live under the same roof once again, except this time more like peers with a mutual sense of love and respect.

It is called multigenerational living, when children, parents, and grandparents all share the same home. Studies have shown that families thrive under these living arrangements. The benefits are obvious, really.

These living arrangements, however, are not always feasible. As much as you might want to keep your parents close while your children are growing, your home might not be so accommodating. Many families barely have enough room for themselves let alone their elders.

That is why Newberry Homes Company specializes in designing and constructing In-Law Suites for the families of Glastonbury and beyond.

Building an In-Law Suite in Glastonbury

When it comes to home additions, our expertise cannot be beaten. Whether you want your in-law addition in your basement, above your garage, or detached from your house, we’ll be able to help you. Do you want to convert your garage into an in-law suite? Are you in the process of designing a new home altogether? We’ll help you design a home with separate living quarters! All you have to do is call us!

Adding a Mother-in-Law Suite to Your House

In-Law apartments, also called secondary suites and granny suites, are becoming more and more common every day. They are fully functional apartments built on the property of grown children for their parents or grandparents. Typically, they’re attached to the house, but they can be detached as well. There are many, many possibilities!

What makes the ‘granny suite’ different from a home addition is that it isn’t just an insulated bedroom. Many secondary suites have their own sink, bathroom, even a refrigerator, and a stove! Fitting your parent’s new suite with all the conveniences of a modern apartment gives your parents—and you—the independence they need to feel happy.

Benefits of In-Law Suites

Whether Newberry Homes Company designs your in-law suite as a traditional home addition or detached unit, there are many benefits. As our parent’s generation ages, the demand for family homes with secondary suites is only growing. If you ever choose to sell your home, the in-law suite will look very attractive to many buyers.

With an in-law suite, you’ll save money on elder care, your family will be closer than ever before, and your parents will have all the comfort they need.

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